Football is a terrifically physical sport that requires advanced methods of training in order for the players to compete even at the school level. These modern football training methods are designed to increase the strength of the players, the agility of the players, and their knowledge of the game. The methods are also, of course, designed to increase their skill as it specifically relates to football -- ball skills, passing, and the like. However, many of the things that are concentrated on are designed to physically train the body, with the idea that a more athletic person will excel at specific football tasks at a higher level than someone who is not in as good of shape.

Lifting weights is of extreme importance, especially for the legs. Running is the only thing that can really teach endurance, but lifting weights is what gives people an explosive burst that they would not otherwise have. A leg press is generally used for this. A leg press is a device that allows the user to lay at a sloped position with the body bent at the waist. The weights can then be pressed upward using the legs while the back presses into the floorboards.

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This use of machine weights is relatively old, but another one of the common training methods is even older: Swimming. This is the singular best exercise that a football player can do when he or she is not on the field. It works the arms, the legs, the core, and the shoulders. It provides cardiovascular training and increases the lung capacity. It is also something that can be done in a short amount of time; a person who may need to run for ten miles to feel tired will often find that swimming tires them out quickly because more muscles are being used.

One of the newest training methods is to have football players take ballet classes. Many players at first were against this, feeling that it was not a very tough activity, not something that would really enhance their abilities on the field. After a short time, however, it became very obvious that this was a good idea. Ballet teaches agility and balance in a way that few other things can. A footballer who is very sure on his feet can easily cut between two defenders and score. Ballet has been shown to increase how well the players can move when doing complicated footwork, as they are more aware of where their feet are and they are more able to move without tripping.

All told, modern football training methods need to be a combination of all of these ideas. Weight lifting, swimming, and ballet need to be used in tandem. This will give the players the maximum amount of strength, agility, dexterity, and all the rest. They will then find that all of the more specific football drills will come more naturally; they will excel on the field because their bodies will be ready to respond instantly to everything that they need to do.

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